Frankfurt Airport: Pier G of the Terminal 3 completed in 2021

Fraport, the owner, and operator of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), announced this week that has received the required permit for the construction of Pier G from the building inspectorate of the city of Frankfurt. Pier G was initially envisaged to be built after completion of the first construction phase of FRA’s new Terminal 3. By building the new pier earlier than planned, Fraport is responding to increased passenger growth. Slated to become operational in the summer season of 2021, Pier G will initially expand FRA’s capacity by four to five million passengers.

“We’re very pleased to have obtained the green light for building Pier G. Given the prolonged permit process, however, we’re now analyzing how to arrange Pier G’s construction schedule. Our goal is still to offer additional state-of-the-art handling capacities as soon as possible to relieve our existing Terminals 1 and 2. The plan is to award the contract for the construction of Pier G to a general contractor by early 2019.”

Fraport spokesperson

In July 2018, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) had 6.9 million passengers – an increase of 7.5 percent. During the January-to-July-period, FRA achieved accumulated passenger growth of 8.8 percent, with European traffic remaining the main growth driver. FRA posted a new daily record on July 29, when 237,966 passengers traveled through Germany’s largest aviation hub.

The 2nd construction phase (Pier G) will increase the Frankfurt Airport capacity in more 5 million passagens. Will have a footprint area of around 59,000m², 13 gates in the beginning, and 24 when fully completed.